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Album Review: Interpol "Marauder"

Album Review: Interpol "Marauder"

Interpol : Marauder Review 

Matador Records 

- Marauder delivers a newly inspired Interpol that seems to have finally found a voice of their own.

 Rating: 9



Their sixth album, “Marauder” delivers a newly reinvented Interpol that appears to steer clear of the mere memory of  “Turn On The Bright Lights” and delivers a fresh sound that is bolder, broader and finally lifts the band from the shadows of Joy Division. 

They managed to reinvent themselves and yet somehow remain true to their haunting essence.

The Rover, the first released single from the album, is a vibrant and light, intricately layered song that plays off well in contrast with Banks' slow and haunting vocals.  It also served great as the introduction to their new sound. 

Flight Of The Fancy is another gem on the album, it delivers a bit more of a classical Interpol sound so to speak, chiming guitar sounds, drum patterns that keep you on your toes, and hypnotizing vocals. 

Stay In Touch is  probably my favorite tune on the album. It is both ethereal and maddening, the jagged guitar riffs play in direct contrast with the unstable drum beats that keep you on guard till the very last beat. 

Mountain Child offers a powerful crescendo that moves you beyond will. 

Number 10 is another favorite, this is their official second release from Marauder. The guitar  intro is spectacular and offers a light introduction to a progressively heavier and darker song. 

The track narrates the story of an unconsummated office romance between a businesswoman named Ella and her employee. The sexual tension between the two is masterfully mirrored in the song's anxious and uneven tone.








Formats: Digital, Vinyl, CD 

Track Listing:

- If You Really Love Nothing

- The Rover

- Complications

- Flight Of Fancy

- Stay In Touch 

- Interlude 1

- Mountain Child 


- Surveillance

- Number10 

- Party's Over 

- Interlude 2 

- it Probably Matters 



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