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Album Review: Barns Courtney 404

Album Review: Barns Courtney 404

Barns Courtney 404

Capitol Records

Release Date: 9/06/2019

Track listing:

1- Hollow

2- You & I

3- 99

4- London Girls

5- Fun Never Ends

6- Boy Like Me

7- The Kids Are Alright

8- Castaway

9- Babylon

10 -Cannonball


‘The Attractions Of Youth’ was released in 2017 and I am still not over the soulful swagger, the romanticized nostalgia and the haunting vocals play Barns Courtney gifted ….and here comes the sophomore album “404” ready to sweep you off your feet yet again.

His debut album catapulted him onto the international rock scene and 404 seems further proof that he is indeed headed for the stars.

404 offers a more mature look at the common ground theme of both the albums focused on the fleeting reality of life, it is a bit less nostalgic than “ The attraction of youth” and offers a more positive “ live in the moment” kinda feel.

The instrumentation seems a bit more thought provoking than its predecessor, creating perhaps less of a continuous work through out all the songs but definitely delivering a more interesting and experimental feel to the entire album which keeps the listener on their toes .

Key Songs:

It only took one radio play of the single “99”….and I was hooked instantaneously. It stood out from any other songs I had heard on the radio and it was the perfect first single.

Another favorite song of my is Babylon, his vocals here are just so rich,they pull you in right from the start.

You And I is another great tune that I often play on repeat, and sadly for my neighbors it is one of those tunes you can’t stop trying to sing along.

Boy Like Me is another key song on the album, a very intimate and almost somber tune and

The Kids Are Alright which is my absolute favorite on the album. His vocals seem just able to dance in your ear so to speak and the instrumentation is capable of moving you with its quick crescendos that just add depth to the song.

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Barns Courtney new album "404" is out!

Barns Courtney new album "404" is out!