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Green Day : Father Of All Motherfuckers ( Official Video)

Green Day : Father Of All Motherfuckers ( Official Video)

Here’s a message from Green Day:

Dear friends and fuckers. Here’s our new hot dog video we made for father of all.....? Motherfuckers That’s right! A new vid for the kid. ➡️

We wanted to make something about dancing. Anxiety. Tribalism. Joy.. and straight up violence.

t’s the history of us. Meaning all of us. None of this is choreographed.. (except the hotties in red) we don’t need to be choreographed... just lose your shit.. scream like no one is listening.. dance like your hair is on fire. punk soul rockers!

Crawl on the dance floor.. spit in the air.. get weird. FATHER OF ALL… ➡️ Love Green Day

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I woke up to a message of love

choking up on the smoke from above

I’m obsessed with the poison and us

what a mess because there’s no one to trust

Huh uh Come on honey

huh uh count your money

huh uh what’s so funny?

there’s a riot living inside of us

I got paranoia baby

and it’s so hysterical

cracking up under the pressure

looking for a miracle

Huh uh come on honey

lying in a bed of blood and money

Huh uh what’s so funny?

We are rivals in the riot inside us

I’m impressed with the presence of none

I’m possessed by the heat of the sun

Hurry up cause I’m making a fuss

Fingers up 🖕🖕🖕

Cause there’s no one to trust

#GreenDay #FatherOfAll #HellaMegaTour

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Toni Cornell: "Far Away Places"